Clumping Bamboo

Clumping bamboo has a very short rhizomatous root structure and won’t horizontally expand more than a few inches a year causing it to form discrete clumps. The clumps may require anywhere from 2-10 feet or more of space in order to reach their mature height, depending on species.

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Running Bamboo

Running bamboo spread by sending out underground runners, or rhizomes, which sometimes emerge far from the parent plant. Runners fill in the spaces between plantings faster, making them ideal for screens, hedges, and the popular open grove look.

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Bamboo is an extremely fast-growing and versatile evergreen perennial grass that has been in cultivated for thousands of years and still used today for building, culinary, and aesthetic landscaping purposes.For over 15 years, The Hedge Between has been cultivating a wide selection of bamboo varieties and providing guidance & landscaping services to local Oregonians and surrounding areas. We currently has over 30 clumping and running bamboo varieties available for purchase.Feel free to contact us by phone or let this website guide you through the process of making the best selection for your distinct situation and individual needs.