Semiarundinaria fastuosa 'Viridis'
This green-stem form of S. fastuosa is the largest hardy bamboo in the Pacific Northwest that is not a Phyllostachys. Like the species, it is very upright and makes a good screen or hedge. This bamboo is supposed to grow 35 feet tall, but has only reached a height of 25 feet at the Bamboo Garden Nursery near Portland, OR. 'Viridis' grows well in sun or shade and has dense dark green leaves, with short branches and columnar habit. Fast spreading so make sure to become familiar with our bamboo control methods. Great option for our cedar planters.
Type Running Bamboo
Max Height 25-35'
Max Culm Diameter 1.5"
Hardiness Zone(s) 6b-10
Sun Exposure Shade to Full Sun
Water Requirements Low to Medium

Semiarundinaria fastuosa 'Viridis'

Running Bamboo

Max Height:

Max Culm Diameter:

Hardiness Zone(s):

Sun Exposure:
Shade to Full Sun

Water Requirements:
Low to Medium

feet   gallons price
2'     2g      = $35
4-6'   5g      = $60
6-8'   7g      = $80
8-12'  15g     = $150
12-15' 25g     = $225